So many accomplishments!!


2023 Titles, Awards and Achievements:

2023 DCA National Brags
  • Arihi – 4 qualifying scores in Scent Work, shown by myself and KK and Nicole. 🙂 KK even had a Q in advanced…. 1st Place Rally Excellent and not able to run agility the past few years, she was absolutely amazing!!! It felt so good to have her back! 4 – 1st Placements and 2 – 2nd Placements!! She finished 4 titles over the week!
  • Ruby – Barn Hunt Novice Q for a title, 3 Q’s in Scent Work, earning a title, handled by myself, KK and Paula 🙂 4th Place Rally Advanced, 1st Place Preferred Novice – score 193, 1st Place Novice – Score 197 earning her High In Trial. This is an absolute highlight! I’ve worked very hard and getting Ruby’s confidence back and she performed to perfection!!!
  • Johnny – Barn Hunt Open 1st Place and 2nd Place, Rally Intermediate 1st place – score of 99. 4 Q’s in Scent Work, handled by myself and KK. 2 – 3rd placements and 2 – 4th Placements. Agility 2 – 1st Placements in Standard and Fast. Then to top it off, He won the Stud Dog class at the National!
  • Teuila finished her FCAT 5 today in super fast speed running 28.23 mph.In Scent Work she passed Q #10 for her Detective Title with a second place, joining a small number of Dalmatians with the elusive title. In 2 trials she took 2nd place in master buried, First place in master container and Second place in Master container. Teuila is the 7th Dalmatian with the AKC to receive th Detective title.In three days of Agility we missed several runs for Scent Work but she still did an excellent job with a new agility title and two first and two second places.
  • River was in several performance events as well as 3 conformation shows.
    Puget Sound Specialty:
    1st in our class
    Mount Hood Specialty:
    1st in our class
    Reserve Winners Dog to the Best of Winners
    DCA National Specialty:
    2nd in our class (going up against his handsome uncle Kylo who took 1st!)
    River ran 6 Fast-cat runs. On his 4th run he earned his DCAT title.
    Brooke has been working with River on scent work and they got 2 qualifying runs in Novice Buried.
    River and I did Rally in Novice A and got a qualifying score of 91 and took 4th place!
    Since qualifying in 3 performance events River earned his Triathlete Award!
    River had the zoomies in agility most of the time but the last run of the two days we were entered, River and I did complete the course! The very last run we were so close to qualifying! We learned so much out there together and grew as a team! So beyond proud of him!
    He really enjoyed running around and saying hi to everyone, doing the tunnel 5 times in a row😂 and making me laugh as he was having the time of his life!
    So proud of him finally doing the teeter and the weave poles with ease! Even though he is only in Novice with 6 poles, on the Time 2 Beat course he did 11/12 poles with no issues other than missing the first one!
  • Yahtzee ran in 5 FCATS to receive 1000 points and her huge FCAT ribbon. In scent work She received 2-1st place, 1 second plane , 3-3rd placed, 2 qualifying scores and received her Excellent Interior title, which gave her the overall Scent Work Excellent Title. She was also presented with a versatility medallion and certificate. This puppy sure loves to play.


2022 Titles, Awards and Achievements:

  • Johnny ended the year #2 NOHS


  • Yahtzee – Select Bitch Tualatin K.C., Best of Opposite Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers, Select Bitch Kennel Club of Palm Springs, Best of Opposite (Major), Seattle Kennel Club,  Best of Winners (Major) Gig Harbor Kennel Club
  • Scent Work: SBAE – SCE (8 placements).
  • Dalmatian Club of America Versatility Award
  • DCAT
  • NACSW: NSA2, NW1
  • Farm Dog Certified


  • Teuila – Scent Work: SEME – SIEE – SWEE – SEEE. (9 placements) NACSW: NW2 – NW3. NSA1.
  • Agility – OF – NAP – NF
  • Therapy Dog International Certified
  • AKC Temperament Test Title


2021 Titles, Awards and Achievements:

  • Yahtzee –  Winners Bitch 4-pt  Major at the Dalmatian Club of Southern California Speciality. Reserve Winners Bitch Sand to Sea Classic, Desert Hot Springs CA.  2 Reserve Winners With Shasta Kennel Club, Anderson CA. Reserve Winners Bitch, San Mateo KC, Anderson CA, Best Puppy in Sweeps Mount Hood Dalmatian Club Speciality. Best of Winners Richmond Dog Fanciers. Best of Winners & Group 3 Salinas Kennel Club. Reserve (Major) Dalmatian Club of Northern California. Best of Winners Dog Fancier Association of Oregon.
  • Scent Work: SEN – SWN – SBA – SIA – SEA – SCA – SWA – SENE – SCNE – SINE – SBNE – SWNE (22 placements)
  • Novice Rally (97-97-95) NACSW NW1


  • Teuila – Scent Work Master Container Elite (5 placements this year)
  • Agility – OF – OJWW
  • FCAT4


2020 Titles, Awards and Achievements:

  • Johnny – International Show at 4.5 Months old – 2 – Best In Show Puppy, 2 – Best Bred By In Show, 1 – Reserve Best In Show Puppy, 1 – Reserve Best Bred By In Show, Best In Show Family Group,


  • Yahtzee – Winners Reserve Bitch, Walla Walla KC, 2 Winners Reserve Both, San Mateo, KC, Winners Reserve Both Oakland KC.
  • IABCA National Junior Puppy Champion,  International Junior Puppy champion. NACSW ORT Parkour Training Title
  • Scentwork: Container, Buried & Interior Novice Title  
  • Trick Dog Novice & Intermediate
  • Virtual Manners Puppy
  • NACSW Odor Recognition Test


  • Kailani:  Select Bitch in Portland shows


  • Teuila: Novice Agility title 2nd place and title, Open Jumpers 2nd place. Standard Agility
  • Scenting: Buried Advanced Elite, Interior Advanced Elite, Scent Work Advanced Elite,    Buried Excellent, Scent Work Excellent, Container Excellent Elite,  Exterior Master,  Buried Master,  Container Master
  • Virtual Home Manners
  • Parkour Quaratine Level 1,2,3. Novice Parkour


  • BeBe:  Portland Agility – 1st place Open Pref Fast (title) – 1st place Exc Pref Std – 1st place Exc Pref JWW – 2nd place Exc Pref Std.


2019 Titles, Awards and Achievements:

BeBe, Arihi, Teuila and Kailani all earned DCA Top Spot Agility Awards – All in the top 10 DCA Agility Rankings

  • BeBe: NAP – NJP – NFP – OAP – OJP – OFP – Starting over in preferred agility and yet able to win many 1st places in her classes!


  • Arihi: 1st place and title at DCA in Excellent Fast Agility – BOS and Select at Mt Hood January Specialties – Select and AOM at Mt Hood June Specialties
  • Tri-Athlete Award at DCA – Versatility Award at DCA – Even though this year was a rebuilding year due to an injury in agility, she is back and ready to compete.  Looking forward to 2020!


  • 3 Fcat titles avg speed 28.82mph
  • One of a handful of Dals Farm Dog Certified
  • Trick Dog Performer Elite Title
  • 35 scentwork placements with 3 HIT
  • Tri-Athlete Award at DCA – Versatility Award at DCA


  • Kailani: 1st place 12-15 month DCA Furturity – Back to back BOW at Mt Hood Specialty – New Champion – BOS following Specialty
  • Novice Standard Agility title


2018 Titles, Awards and Achievements:

BeBe and Arihi earned DCA Top Spot Agility Awards – Teuila No. 1 Fastest Dalmatian

  • Arihi: INT CH – GCH – BN – RN – RA – NA – NAJ – NF – OA – OAJ – OF – BCAT – CGCA – TKN –
    Accomplishments: HIT Scenting, #1 Dalmatian In FCAT
  • Kailani:  TKN